About Us

History of our investment casting foundry

Since the 50’s of the past century, we have been working on our progress. With the constant research, we always catch up with the newest demanding of the market. We like to combine the latest technology with our experience and acknowledgment. Over the years we learn how to deal with the castings with fine details and extremely complex shapes on the other hand and all that thanks to our perfect incentive scheme where we motivate our team to develop a strong sense of community and constant progress.

Headway is our idea. We are always willing to hear new ideas, and that is why we are constantly hiring new young people with the fresh ideas. We are aware that there is no any moving forward unless we are open for all kind of suggestions and advice. We let our tam to discuss any possible change that can improve your and our production. We let our novices to speak and be independent to show us a

Our reputation

Over the years we succeeded to develop an impeccable reputation, quality, and service. We put your needs as one of our most important tasks. the Our attitude helped us to obtain a leadership role in the casting business. Nowadays, we can praise with the perfect combination of modern technology with years of experience. We strongly believe in our approach. Customer dedication and brilliant work are in the first place; everything else is just nuances.