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Difference between die casting and investment

These two types of casting are also the most popular in the metal industry. The easiest way to form aluminum into a product is to use one of these two methods. They are not too expensive, as the matter a fact they are very efficient and rapid.

When it comes to casting, the process is more than simple. It forces molten aluminum into a steel die under pressure. Factories use it for high-volume production.

On the contrarily, investment casting doesn’t use any pressure. This method creates a pattern by melting and dipping into liquid ceramic slurry where it will harden.



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The most frequent method of forming aluminum is certainly a casting. Here you have three options sand casting, die casting and mold casting and each of them are efficient and fast.



This process is a specialized form of casting, and you can apply it on different types of steel. We use it when cast irons are not delivering enough strength steel.



When it comes to this process carbon content is greater than 2%. It is certainly one of the most applied engineering materials worldwide.


Carbon casting is one of the most common materials with more than a wide range of application due to its price and the quality at the same time.



Investment casting how it works?

As the type of process that is based on lost-wax casting presents a very old technique of metal forming. People use it for over 5,000 years, and they are constantly improving it. Nowadays, factories are obliged to use refractory materials and specialist alloys to make patterns.

As the one of the most important advantages of investment casting accuracy comes on the top of the list. More and more companies started to apply it in their production to achieve better results.




Steel Foundry And Its Usage

Steel Foundry And Its Usage

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Advantages Of Aluminum Casting

Advantages Of Aluminum Casting

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Among the first Basil Law started to manufacture high investment castings and he manages to gain rapid acceptance due to its casting’s efficiency and economic nature. He was one of the first that came to this, idea and thanks to him nowadays we have its wide range application, especially in high tech, industrial, commercial and medical fields. He is the person who forces his team to constant, research and improvement, and he likes to combine the latest technology with his enormous experience.